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Lock ‘N Load BK-100 Deluxe Wheel Chock ™

Price 199.95

Includes self-locking deluxe wheel chock, quick disconnect mounting plate, built in front tire tie down, and all necessary hardware. Powder coated solid steel construction ensures strength. Please note: The narrow tire adaptor shown in the photo is not included with the BK-100.

Lock ™N Load BK-500

Lock ‘N Load BK-500 ™

Price 119.95

The BK500 is an all-in-one transportation system for all Dirt, Dual-Sport, and Enduro Motorcycles 100cc+. Designed to fit your front tire like a glove, this system allows your bike to stand alone with no straps. Includes wheel chock assembly, mounting plate, built-in front tire strap, the BK20 Quick Release Thumb Bolts, and all necessary hardware.

Lock ‘N Load BK-1000

Lock ‘N Load BK-1000 ™

Price 251.90

The BK1000 is our All-in-One transportation kit that consists of the BK100 Wheel Chock and the BK202 Ratchet Strap System. This kit provides the most secure transport system on the road with the fastest load time in the market. This kit includes a wheel chock assembly, mounting plate, built-in front tire strap, retractable rachet straps, quick-release D-rings and Strap Clips, the BK20 Quick Release Thumb Bolts, and all necessary hardware.

Lock ‘N Load BK-202

Lock ‘N Load BK-202 ™

Price 79.95

The BK202 is hands down the most functional tie-down system available. Consisting of our new heavy duty, two-inch quick retracting ratchet straps, and patent pending Quick-Release anchor system, this kit provides utility that is unmatched by the competition. When transporting, simply lift handle open to extend and attach s-hooks, and with a few quick ratchets your bike will be fully secured. When not in use, the Quick-Release Strap Clips allow you to easily remove the straps with no tools, so your cargo area is clear of any obstructions.

Lock ‘N Load BK-103

Lock ‘N Load BK-103 Motorcycle Wheel Chock ™

Price 84.95

System includes: Standard wheel chock, quick release plate, and all necessary hardware.

The Lock ‘N Load BK-103 Standard Wheel Chock is our answer to an economical motorcycle transport system. The BK-103 can be used with any motorcycle or quad. The unique V shaped design means one size fits all. The chock is removable via it’s innovative quick release plate, or it can be installed permanently. Powder coated solid steel construction insures strength. Ratchet straps (not included) are necessary for safe motorcycle transport. The BK-103 is not a stand alone wheel chock. 

Lock ‘N Load BK-102

Lock ‘N Load BK-102 Garage Stand ™

Price 74.95

When you are not hauling your motorcycle, simply attach the Lock ‘N Load BK-100 Wheel Chock TM to the BK-102 Garage Stand TM to check fluids or detail your bike upright.

Lock 'N Load BK-100-1

Lock 'N Load BK-100-1 Quick Release Mount™

Price 39.95

Included with the BK-100, use this plate when an additional plate is desired. The purchase of an additional plate adds placement versatility.

Lock'N Load BK-100-2

Lock ' Load BK-100-2 Tie Down Strap™

Price 15.95

This strap is included with the BK-100, and is a replacement strap.

Lock ‘N Load BK-101

Lock ‘N Load BK-101 Narrow Tire Adaptor ™

Price 26.95

Pictured in the photo of the BK-100 wheel chock the BK-100-1 Narrow Tire Adaptor consists of four pads that bolt to the cradle of the wheel chock. The narrow tire adaptor is used with tires 3 1/2" and narrower.

Lock ‘N Load BK-300

Lock ‘N Load BK-300 ™

Price 16.00

Additional pair of Quick-Release D-Rings for multiple anchor points and various loading arrangements.

Lock ‘N Load BK-400

Lock ‘N Load BK-400 ™

Price 80.00

The BK400 is a Wheel Lock designed to lock your motorcycle into the Lock ‘N Load Wheel Chocks (can also be used alone to lock wheel from rolling. This lock puts your mind at ease when traveling to your destination with an open trailer or parking your bike along the way. Weighing only 4 lbs. with a width of 7.5"-11", this wheel lock was made for easy storage and taking on the go.

Lock ‘N Load BK-800

Lock ‘N Load BK-800 ™

Price 129.95

Upgrade your BK103 Wheel Chock into our BK100 Deluxe System by using this add-on kit. This kit includes awheel cradle, BK100-2 Front Tire Strap, and all required hardware.

Lock ‘N Load BK-20

Lock ‘N Load BK-20 ™

Price 12.95

The BK20 allows you to quickly install and remove your Lock ‘N Load Wheel Chock without the necessity of tools.

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